Upcycled leather fashion accessories handcrafted in Brussels.


Creations of the heart in recycled leather.


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The materials that have a past and often a story. Creations born out of interest for design, crafts and nature.

Each object is unique, handcrafted with a particular care for the detail, a perfect finish and a lifetime warranty.

Leather pouches, wallets and more

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Inspired by beautiful treasures in leather found on Brussels flea markets and in second hand shops, leather leftovers, colorful fabrics and zippers I have created these small pouches, bags and wallets. Each item is unique, crafted by hand in respect with the environment.


Bespoke projects

Living in a society with so much choice of new items to buy and mass production, you might feel a need to be unique. To be different. To express yourself. And not the least important, to contribute to create less waste.

I create the leather accessory you are looking for, but can’t find. We define the project together, within your needs and goals. For the production I use your beloved “old” leather item, or mine, adding the necessary supplies. These are chosen with care for the planet.

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For a lifetime

Off course you want to use your unique leather accessory as long as possible. Maybe even for a lifetime. Your purchase includes a free* repair service.

*Is there a technical default? The full repair is free, supplies included.
*Is one of the supplies worn out? You pay the cost for the new supply, working hours are free.

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